Foodtraceability and safety

Food – A media star!

The weather is a preferred topic for small talk. However, the weather is now coming under competition from food. Today, food is not only something to satisfy your hunger, but also a strong tool for building an organization’s market identity.

This is not a new phenomenon but something we will see clearer in the future. The market demand and legal requirements for supply chain traceability, food provenance and authenticity is growing at a pace.

A lot of these trends and initiatives are created by the consumers and industry organizations who are setting the future agenda for the whole sector. We shop locally, but buy globally. This creates demands on  infrastructure and the systems, which are designed to create security for the consumer and retailers against counterfeit goods that, not least, have to fulfill the regulatory and consumer demands.

The good news this year is that we are not starting from scratch. On the contrary, the food manufacturers, suppliers and retailers have decades of experience in using new systems that make it possible to accommodate the market’s growing focus on traceability.

Come and join the workshop, where this highly current theme, concerning food-traceability and –safety, will be presented and debated by the largest number of players in the market. Listen to the inspiring tracks and give your own opinion in the debate. There will not only be opportunity for questions at the workshops but also a chance for elaborating on topics after the workshop.

The workshop is in two parts – one before lunch and one after lunch. You can click on the link below to read more about the presentations in the two sessions:

Program for part 1

Program for part 2