Identification and traceability in the healthcare sector

Around the entire world, numerous projects have been completed that documents the advantages of the usages of RFID in the healthcare sector.

At the hospitals, RFID is used to improve patient safety, enhance the utilization of expensive appliances, reduce waste time, workflow optimization and logistics etc. etc.

In Denmark, the massive investment in the new hospitals is causing an increased focus on the future technology in healthcare. Amongst other the partnership between private technology companies and public hospitals has been supported with 100 mio. kr. Parts of these funds has already been granted to projects, which introduces RFID in different ways to the Danish healthcare system.

At the workshop, we will address Hospital’s needs for identification and traceability, various technologies including RFID and the associated Business Case. We will be introduced to possibilities in developing user interfaces, IT systems integration and to the new hyped “big data” – to store and analyze large amounts of data with the purpose of providing intelligence as well as the necessity of using standards.

After this we will review three cases. First an example on the practical use of RTLS in the healthcare sector, followed by two projects on monitoring and traceability – these are both projects which has been supported with money from the 100 mio. kr. funding.

The workshop is split into two parts – one before lunch and one after lunch. You can click on the link below to read more about the presentations which is occuring in the two parts:

Program for part 1

Program for part 2