At this years conference there will be a number of general presentations including the conferences Keynote sessions.

The terminal program for the conference is expected to appear on the site AGENDA. So far you will be able to follow the progress on presentations on this site. If you click on the name of the presentations you will be able to read more about the presentation.

Keynote speaker: Traceability and identification in Danish Hopitals 

Keynote speaker: RFID in the oil and gas industry 

Keynote speaker: The RFID Retail Revolution – Giving Way for a New Shopping Experience 

Keynote speaker:  RFID based storm water filters 

SmartPhones in use in logistics solutions

Quality control in process plants

Foodtags is the consumers window into the history of the product – the futures shopping tools is here!

LEGO’s experiences from pilot project with WI-FI Tags for tracking Assets 

Practical usages of Real Time Location Systems in the healthcare sector

Using RFID as aid for children with with language and communication problems

The Global Language of Business – actively supporting food safety and traceability

”Den intelligente forsendelseskasse”, A fully automated surveillance and traceability of blood samples during transport.

Usages of standards create value

Lyngsoe Systems A/S

User-friendliness, economics and operation must be in focus in the future systems

Thesis on Real Time Locating Systems – Drivers and Barriers

How to optimize IT processes across different systems and here is BIG DATA

Copenhagen Institute for Futures studies

Highlights from ‘RFID Journal Live’ in Orlando

HAT-project: Tracking of goods at hospitals

RFID for cold chain documentation

Update on RFID in Denmark