Tracking technologies in the workflow

How can RFID and other tracking technologies support, optimize and document the manual workflow. By linking a person in time, place and usages of equipment it is often possible to determine which task the person is in the process of performing – and how far in the task they are. Active RFID and GPS are used to time tracking in the food production industry, Wi-Fi replaces RFID in the security business and by ultra waves it is registered when the doctor controlled the patient. Is the security guard inspecting an alarm or has the home help just “checked in” with a citizen then we will find another to summon to an emergency. Has the caretaker been out mowing the lawn for 20 minutes, then he will properly be back at the office in 10 minutes.

Relevant companies:

  • Productioncompanies with manual workflow in the intern and extern logistic.
  • Facility management companies
  • Companies who needs to be able to akut call in workers – ex. security or nursing homes.

For more information about what this workshop is about. Then read this article:

Tejs Scharling, Head of research and innovation, pervasive positioning lab, Alexandra Instituttet LTD.